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Jean Windeshausen the jeweller who dares!

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With three stores in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and one in Belgium, Jean Windeshausen’s creations are designed for a Luxembourg and international clientele, attracted by his unusual approach.

Inspiring passion

You simply need to watch Jean Windeshausen at work in one of his stores to understand the secret of his success. He does not regard jewels as sacred objects to be gazed at in shop windows. He brings his creations out of the display case, encourages you try them on, takes you to a mirror, points out the many facets of his designs and explains the effects of the light on the material. His customers listen attentively to his advice in this fascinating exploration. Similar to a perfume maker who creates a tailored fragrance, he believes that the ideal ring must reveal some of the personality of its wearer, or clues to her lifestyle.

His brand: Joz

To achieve this freedom of expression, Jean Windeshausen, like most innovative artists and entrepreneurs, has pursued a very simple idea: to bring a new dimension to the art of jewellery. His finest creations are brought together under his own brand, Joz. His works include a ring with a white gold surface which mirrors the rows of stones. Another ring appears to be held in place as if by magic, with three curved ends positioned delicately around the finger. A third ring appears impossible to put on, with an asymmetrical opening, but once slipped on the finger it is surprisingly comfortable. What all the creations have in common is the ability to surprise by dramatically changing their appearance when viewed from different angles. Jean Windeshausen enjoys experimenting with these effects, the wide range of styles faithfully reflecting the charming complexity of women.

A trip to Bastogne or Ettelbrück

Jean Windeshausen has taken this concept to the limit in his Bastogne boutique. The journey is part of the experience. On arrival, visitors are taken to different areas, the most fascinating of which resembles a jewel case. With modern decoration and embroidered furniture, the atmosphere is reminiscent of a secret Italian boutique. It is the ideal setting to discuss a dream item at your leisure, to fine tune the sketches and seek the advice of the experts on hand. A process that can take several hours. Jean Windeshausen is in no hurry. As he likes to say, “Others look, I dare”.

December 5, 2008 5:57:25 PM CET

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