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Daniela Klasén-Martin A Self-Made Businesswoman

An unconventional career path criss-crossing the European continent, and picking up numerous languages along the way, Daniela Klasén-Martin brings her wealth of life and business experience to any challenge making her one of the most dynamic businesswomen in Luxembourg today.

Hard-Work, Determination & Perseverance

Daniela Klasén-Martin has never chosen the easy way. After finishing high school in Italy, Daniela moved to Sweden to pursue her academic career and explore her family roots. Having never had formal Swedish lessons, Daniela convinced the university to let her sit the Swedish language exams after only a couple of months of intensive studies. Not only did she pass, she graduated with one of the highest marks of her year.After earning a Masters in Business Administration & International Economics from Linkoping University and ESC Nantes Business School, Daniela started her career as a management accountant at Fiat Auto Sverige in Stockholm in 1992. Meeting her future husband shortly after, they moved to France in March 1993, where she was hired as a Business Manager at Fiat Auto France.

A Career Steeped in the Finance, Investment & Professional Services Industry

Constantly looking for new professional challenges and different work environments, Daniela joined Schroders Investment Management Luxembourg as a management accountant in 1997. After setting up the firm’s finance department and being promoted to the company’s Head of Finance, Daniela moved to the Director’s office in July 2006, where she was first CEO, then General Manager of MDO after the firm merged with Mercuria in 2008. Since September 2010, she is MD at Dominion Corporate Group SA (DCG), a domiciliation, administrative and management company services firm based in Luxembourg.With close to 20 years of international experience across different sectors, a broad knowledge of the fund industry and the Luxembourgian business environment in particular as well as an unparalleled ability to instil her visions and passion onto her work environment, Daniela is determined to make DCG one of the leading players in the industry.

Determined, Focused and Ready for a Challenge

“I am constantly on the lookout for new challenges, new learning opportunities, innovative projects and new industries to explore. No matter the sector, success correlates with hard-work, commitment, quality services and clear strategic management vision, “said Daniela. “I am not waiting for things to happen. Whether in business or in your private life, it is up to yourself to achieve your goals and objectives.”

October 10, 2012 12:26:09 PM CEST

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