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Brenda Petsche shares her time between HSBC and her family, that she often meets around hockey rinks.


Born in a little town – chateauguay – located in the suburbs of Montreal, Brenda Petsche had a pretty fun childhood. She was often raising money for various causes and her father recalls “If she couldn’t do a math problem, I would tell her it is money and she would find the answer”. She grew up in Quebec, until it was decided that it would become a French-speaking province: the family moved to Toronto in 1979. Integration there was very difficult as Brenda was already driven and ambitious. She thought she would be a fashion buyer, then decided "not really" and ended up in mutual funds ! She started in a small third party provider, and gradually worked her way up.


She quit her job and established her own company providing accounting and services to small companies. She learnt a life lesson: she thought it would be easier to be her own boss, but all her clients became her bosses! Nevertheless, she enjoyed becoming part of their lives and the friendships that she earned. She learnt to sell herself, draw parallels and experience a wide range of life experiences. Consulting appealed to the fact that a big company would value what she had to share and achieve greater heights. But the attraction of banking was strong: she consulted for a bank in Toronto for three and a half years before finally joining it full-time.

« Get on and do it »

When she moved to Guernsey in 2000, she had the intention to slow down. But after 2 months, she was bored and accepted a job at Bank of Bermuda, as Manager of the fund Accounting department. She had her two sons whilst in the job, and four years later, HSBC bought Bank of Bermuda. She was promoted to various positions before becoming MD of the Guernsey office and moved to Luxembourg in 2009, as Head of Client Delivery. A year later, she was appointed managing director of HSBC Securities Services. When asked about her management style, she smiles: “People ask too much for permission to do thinks. They expect their boss to say “Get it done” but that would imply an order. I prefer ‘Get on and do it’”. She believes in exemplarity: she will work as long as it takes to get things done. And a very challenging client blown away by the work of her team is what she likes best.

October 10, 2012 12:26:09 PM CEST

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