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There are 11 Rotary Clubs in Luxembourg. Here is a presentation of one of them: the Luxembourg Vallées Rotary Club.


The world’s first Rotary Club was set up in 1905 in Chicago by Paul Harris and three friends. Its first initiative was the installation of public toilets outside the City Hall. A simple motto was chosen: “Service above self”. Since then, the Rotary Club has expanded at a breathtaking pace, and today numbers more than 1.2 million members all over the world. In 1942, a Rotary conference paved the way for the creation of UNESCO, and in 1946, 49 Rotarians helped to draw up the United Nations Charter.

The Rotary Vallées

Officially chartered on 4 May 1985, the club currently has 83 members from business, administration and professional fields. They are united by a commitment to help others, and the desire to serve at national and worldwide level. A wide range of initiatives is organised to raise funds, from a club member’s compilation of a CD which sold 3,000 copies, to a stand during the Christmas festivities, to the sale of a limited series of silkscreen prints by an artist member of the club. Former members include the Russian Minister for Culture. Luxembourg’s newest Rotary Club, “Luxembourg Schuman” (currently being set up), is sponsored by Luxembourg Vallées, and has set itself the goal of recruiting men and women from the country’s international community.


The Luxembourg Vallées Rotary Club supports a wide range of social projects. Local initiatives include the “Association Thérapie Equestre du Kannerheem” in Itzeg and “Jonk Entrepreneuren”. At international level, the club’s efforts include support for families affected by Alzheimer’s disease in Medelin, Columbia, the installation of a hospital waste incinerator in Malawi and the creation and management of a fund generating more than 10,000 micro-loans around the world. Rotary International’s PolioPlus operation is perhaps the most spectacular. Bill and Melinda Gates have set Rotarians the following challenge: «Collect at least 100 million dollars and our foundation will match it!”

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