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Telindus Telecom A One Stop Shop

Reporting a turnover of over 70 million in 2011, Telindus Telecom is one of the region`s top Information and Communications Technology (ICT) providers as well as market leader in data storage.

End-to-End ICT and Telecommunications Solutions

Founded as a subsidiary of Belgacom Group, Telindus Telecom offers a unique and highly customisable range of ICT and telecommunications services to a growing number of national and international corporations in the financial services, manufacturing, construction and e-commerce sectors. "We offer our clients a unique, one-stop shop where they can merge a large range of cutting-edge telecommunications and ICT packages including fixed and mobile telephony, Internet, networking, cloud computing and data storage solutions. Honed to each of our clients` needs, our product offering enables our customers to receive the high quality, flexible and cost-effective services they need to thrive and prosper in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment. They can access these services from anywhere and at anytime from the cloud, safe in the knowledge that Telindus Telecom’s world class 24 hour 365 day support systems are always at hand should they need them”, Gerard Hoffmann, Chairman & Managing Director of Telindus Luxembourg says.

Eyes Set On International Expansion

With a reputation for intuition and made to measure end-to-end ICT solutions, Telindus Telecom has supported a growing list of high profile corporations over the past year, including international freight and trucking company Cobalfret as well as pan-European Gaming company Innova.Closely working together with the Luxembourgian government under the Luxconnect partnership, Telindus Telecom continues to foster new strategic relationships with multi-national organisations as it expands its operations throughout Europe and beyond.

A Growing Lucrative Business

Despite the economic downturn Telindus Telecom continues to weather the storm, relying on solid relationships and efficiencies developed in recent years. Previous investments by the company in employee training, technology and innovation has proved successful, with a record increase in revenue of 13% in 2011. With financial results well ahead of the company’s five-year business plan, Telindus Telecoms is confident it has the necessary capital and strategic vision to invest in future technologies, products and people. This will ensure the company can solidify its position as a global leader in the ICT and telecommunications arenas. “The ICT and Telecommunications sector is a faced-paced industry. At Telindus Telecoms we are well prepared to stay ahead of the curve to meet each new challenge with confidence and determination,” Mr Hoffmann says.

September 6, 2012 11:36:52 AM CEST

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