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Key Players

Steve Glangé Silver-tongued facilitator

A plume of aromatic cigar smoke, a wise nod of the head. He slips seamlessly from French to Dutch to English, smiles and nods again. And with a dextrous flick of the imagination, reveals solutions.

The wisdom behind the man

Perhaps it all started with his entrepreneurial childhood as amateur music producer. Maybe his multilingual skills opened doors for him as a student, writing for international travel magazines. Was it his MBA that made him this way or that he's a CPB? Or did it start in his early career with an international banking group, gathering critical administrative and technical intelligence. Was it during the time he assisted high-growth R&D in Europe in their technology transfer and business planning? Or the time as CFO. Does the wisdom come from the banking project team on MIS and datawarehousing? Did he learn it with the life and pensions banking start-up team? Or did he learn it developing foreign business in the Benelux or while attracting e-commerce players? Or being part of the next telecom business? One thing is sure: Steve has stories to tell. But those who know him would say the skill comes from none of these. Steve is simply one of those elegantly natural-born facilitators.

His captive audience

Having launched the FirstTuesday network in the Greater Region and now, as board member of the global network as well as founding board member of Luxembourg Business Angels Network plus board member of EBAN. And as ambassador for XING in Luxembourg and while also assisting emerging companies on various advisory boards, Steve finds he's rather in demand. UN conference speaker and lecturer at Georgia Tech Institute, he still prefers to use his analytical and innovative skills around a good robusto cigar and beverage.

Lessons in life

Life goes up, down, sideways and when you least expect it, diagonally too, and solutions are all to do with taking a step back, looking and listening. Knowing the history of your environment. Detecting the source of the pain. Then finding a cure. Acting from the background. Sharing key knowledge. Bringing exactly the right people together. The future will find Steve at the helm of his own investment related company, in Luxembourg, London or Cabourg. Or more simply at Brasserie Guillaume, where the greatest ideas emerge. A silver-tongued man who knows how to listen, reveals solutions, seamlessly connecting the right people with the right people. And when everything works, he retreats silently back into the wings.

May 16, 2012 8:19:51 PM CEST

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